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01-18-2013, 08:13 PM
True Considering more often then not my offdut and formal outfits semi bug and try to go back to uniform every time i change something it may just be easier to just have one category. I suppose they just dont want people dressing thier duty officers in formal dresses and long robes. After all its not like you cant just give your duty officers knee high boots and sleeveless tank tops and flowing ribbon belts, or long jackets...oh wait....

Id love to be able to mix the off duty robes with the mirror universe stuff like the sash or use the formal dress top with one of the uniform skirts to make a unique looking evening gown. or maybe add the flowing belt drape skirt to an outfit that has leggings rather than a tiny skirt.

between the mirror universe pack and the long jackets from holidays skirts and other packs there is no real reason why people shouldnt be able to just mix and, match every costume bit they own. it is not like there is not already colision issues on some uniform combinations.

Also you should really take the origional poster's signature and make a costume pack of that as well. unless you think it will make federation girls look to much like orions. its not like orions can just wear a winter jacket instead of thier metal bakinis...oh orion has more clothing than half of my federation girls because orions do not have access to proper skirts.