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That's the thing - are they actually going to be giving a free T5 ship or just a free T3 ship with the T5 variant being a purchase involving Zen (either through the Z-Store or buying Modules)?

The Ambassador's between the Enterprise-A Cruiser and the Enterprise-D Exploration Cruiser. It's a simple T3 between the T2 and T4 there...for the T3 version. Will it be slightly worse than the T3+ Excelsior then?

Then getting into the T5 version - well, T5 can mean so many things.

Is it going to be slightly worse than the RA T5 Excelsior Retrofit? Maybe even slightly worse than the VA T5 Galaxy Retrofit? It just doesn't make sense for it to be better.

Will there be a Fleet Variant? That's entirely a possibility with a T3 < Excelsior and T5 < Excelsior Retrofit being given for free. Both versions would still be worse than a Galaxy. Even with the Fleet Ambassador - it would still end up either being worse than the Fleet Excelsior or perhaps an alternative to the Fleet Excelsior. It would still be worse than the Fleet Galaxy.

The KDF side's more complicated, eh? The Kamarag - a cross between the T3 K't'inga and the T4 Vor'cha? That sets it up as a K't'inga variant, no?


T3 Ambassador < T4 Galaxy
T5 Ambassador Re/Retro < T5 Galaxy Retro
Fleet Ambassador < Fleet Galaxy

T3 Kamarag < T4 Vor'cha
T5 Kamarag < T5 Vor'cha Retrofit
Fleet Kamarag < Fleet Tor'Kaht

One might even make the case that the Ambassador should be lower than the Excelsior at each tier...though, I think it's more likely(tbh) that the Ambassador will be an pseudo equivalent variant of the Excelsior. Still, the Ambassador would be lower than the Galaxy.

As for the recent ships - the Steamrunner was a special case/tie-in with Steam. The Vesta's an abomination that should have only had 9 consoles since it has a hangar. The Breen ship is at that "high" VA level...but there's no history for it like there is the Galaxy for the Ambassador.

Years of discussion about them adding the Ambassador has revolved around adding a worse ship - because it was a replaced ship - the Ambassador < Galaxy. There were countless posts by folks describing an Ambassador that was better than the Galaxy... they never made sense. At the same time, there were so many posts by folks that just wanted an "endgame" Ambassador - didn't have to be better than the Galaxy - they just wanted to fly an Ambassador.

There's room for a RA Ambassador and even a Fleet Ambassador... they'd both be "worse" than the Galaxy, whether it's the VA Galaxy or the Fleet Galaxy...

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