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01-18-2013, 08:48 PM
I've been saying since this game was in beta that sector space is too small, and makes it feel like space is a shoebox. Anyway I found this online, and I could not help but imagine what STO could have been...

A proper Galaxy Map:

1. Neutral Zone battles for territory.
2. Supply missions with supply starships.
3. Convoy escourt duty missions.
4. Actual exploration in far reaches.
5. Fleet starbases could actually be useful as outposts for everyone in an area like a safe social and supply hub.

The possibilities are endless. Think of an EVE Online type scale.

Instead....We have to live in shoebox sized space and run the same missions and STF's over and over and over... While we wait on a new ship to be released to do the same stuff over and over and over...