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01-18-2013, 10:00 PM
Originally Posted by thamelas View Post
The possibilities are endless. Think of an EVE Online type scale.
I think just about everyone wishes sector space travel was more like EVE.

In fact, I've always wished I could (for instance) cloak my ship and carry passengers into Klingon space, and then have them beam down or take a shuttle onto an enemy planet to wreak some havoc. Maybe there are PVP objectives, like a quest to steal enemy intelligence or whatever, so that one faction group can sneak in, complete a quest, and sneak out.

In order for them to escape Klingon space alive, I would need to dodge antiproton sweeps or whatever so I can stay hidden without alerting NPCs and players to my presence. That way, when they've done what they went to do, I can retrieve them and warp back out. If I get detected, NPCs and players could pursue me at warp speeds until I reached Federation space again, and if my engines weren't fast enough...

Anyway, that kind of stuff always sounded exciting to me. I much prefer a more open world where I can make my own fun to something so heavily instanced as STO.