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Mission Name: "A Relic's Return (Conclusion)"
Mission ID: ST-HG5XD7S6B

It was last manually republished by me on 9/9/2012 - and was last successfully played through a few days ago. I don't want to go i n and attempt a manual republish if it's just a case there's a lot of backlog; and there's a possibilty that doing so will somehow screw it up (it's long and took me many weekends to make, and this is the first time I had any issues with it as is successfully auto-republished before - and was first published after the whole Foundry debacle of Season 4.

So, if anyone involved with the Foundry could check into the re-publish status of this, I'd appreciate it. After all the work (and good reviews it's gotten to date after 274 plays) if I lose it or can't republish it, I'm done making Foundry content - it takes too much time and too many hoops to jump through if the auto-republish system is going to damage it in some fashion.

[As a side note: My one other mission (the first part of this 2 part story) called "A Relic's Return" auto-republished just fine (and it was also last manually re-published by me back on 9/9/2012.)]

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