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# 1 TV Shows Changing Genre
01-18-2013, 11:22 PM
I have always been interested in what would happen to the story of a TV show if halfway through the series, the creators decide to completely change the genre of the show. For example in the season finale of Glee, it turns into a zombie apocalypse or The Walking Dead uses the power of dance and music to defeat the zombies. Certain scenarios can pretty much alter any show into science fiction or horror. Alien visitation, alien invasion, zombie apocalypse, and apocalyptic events can change any regular fictional show into another genre. The main point of genre changing is that it has to be believable so the audience can follow how the TV show changed genres. Having the show be a drama one week and a zombie apocalypse the next is not believable. Turning a science fiction show into a historical drama could be possible.

Does anyone have any ideas for what shows they would like to see have their genre change? Or you could get really creative and come up with a premise for the initial TV show and how its genre is changed.