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think of my stats as what these ship's fleet level version should look like. the whole tier 3 and 5 thing is stupid and years out of date of a concept at this point. just add the ship at RA level, and then launch a fleet version at the same time. or just offer the fleet level version, and let anyone who misses the event buy them from the fleet store.

i think the version we will get is at least going to be a RA level. and at the same time the tier 3 version will be added to the c store, most likely with a console to give it a reason to exist at all.
Yeah, adding a T3 to me is mind boggling. Leveling is just so fast in this game - outside of the person that might play an hour every week or two, what's the point of adding a T3 ship?

I suppose I could see them doing the 1k Zen to buy the console - keeping it separate so they can charge more overall for the combination of the T3 and Fleet (Modules) variants - while tossing out the free RA/VA ship.

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as far as the galaxy>ambassador thing goes, don't let canon cloud your reasoning. i know, it SHOULD mater, but it doesn't and it wont. LTC sci is just a niche that makes sense for it. its got shrimpy phaser arrays by modern standards, it should be tactically inferior to the galaxy, VERY tactically inferior. so we balance that with stronger sci, thats why a dinky intrepid can be at the same tier as a galaxy. the ambassador and sovereign are basically the same volume, really its just an older sovereign as far as cruiser ranking goes. it continues to be a crime that the game is set up so every attribute the galaxy has counts as a disadvantage, but thats what we got, and they wont even acknowledge its a problem.
Heh, guess it's hard to get passed over almost a year's arguing with all those Ambassador folks out there about where the ship would fit in and what's the point of Cryptic putting so much effort into it...meh.

I try not to think too much about how they have the Galaxy, Defiant, and Intrepid at the same level...I really try not to think about that, lol. It makes me want to go have a ciggy, walk around the block, and all that sort of thing. The way the game's set up - it would be like watching TNG with a Defiant or Intrepid, watching VOY with a Galaxy or Defiant, and watching DS9 with a Galaxy or Intrepid.

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as far as the kdf ships go, the neg var should be twice as powerful and dangerous as a vorcha, but again, the game favors small and maneuverable, those are always good, large is always bad. its a joke that those ships are at the same level. but oh well. my ktinga beats both their ass, proboly the biggest crime against ship logic of all. as far as the Kamarag goes, count on it to be the kdf's excelsior. the excelsior hardly makes sense too, at least the Kamarag is a few decades newer.
The Negh'var was the "flagship" before the Bortas...sure isn't treated that way. The Vo'quv is a "dread" and it sure isn't treated that way.

As for the Kamarag - they say prototypes were built in the mid-24th century. Kamarag was the Klingon Ambassador to the Federation in the late 23rd century. The K't'inga started service in the late 23rd century (a decade or so before Kamarag was Ambassador) and were still in service into the late 24th century. The Vor'cha started to take over at that point - around 100 years after the K't'inga was introduced. For a short period (<5 years), they were even the "flagship" until the Negh'var took over.

Bah, none of my rambling matters - we all know what's going to happen:

X Players are going to scream that they're OP.
Y Players are going to scream that they're UP.


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