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01-19-2013, 12:01 AM
Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post

Bah, none of my rambling matters - we all know what's going to happen:

X Players are going to scream that they're OP.
Y Players are going to scream that they're UP.

it depends on if they screw with us and give us non fleet ship level ships or not. the new kdf ship is certainly the missing link between the vorcha and ktinga. ktinga was around in the 2270s, the vorcha proboly a product of the 2350s, and the negvar 2370 or so. the Kamarag is proboly from about 2320 or 2330. so for it and the ambassador, its conceivable that they are about at the end of their shelf life, and by around 2409 would get their final overhaul. something like the excelsior, which was rotten on the vines in the 2370, just no excuse what so ever being in this game. the ktinga i could see being used for very limited roles, and a tier 1 ship, but nothing beyond that. the connie, god no, they havent built ships that size in that shape for 100 years.
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