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01-18-2013, 11:29 PM
Originally Posted by kimmym View Post
Meh, grass is greener syndrome.

When I'm on my sci I wish I was a tac. On my tac I wish I was my sci. Yeah, in most cases a tac in an escort is going to be most effective, but the differences aren't as strong as most people make them out to be. No amount of DPS is going to save the day the way I can in a well specced vesta when things start to go south. No amount of fancy vesta tricks are going to mean a damn if the run goes so smoothly I don't need to do anything but DPS.

I don't PvP so if that's your game then you need more specialized advice, but for PvE the classes and ships are more balanced then people would lead you to believe. It's not perfect but it's not as lopsided as the extremist insist.
well the only reason you would need the fancy abilities, because others did not have the DPS or brains to keep stuff under control. so the imbalance is right there, and it is severe