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01-18-2013, 11:31 PM
Perhaps you aren't understanding why the Tricobalt Mines received a nerf that they received. And even this nerf was so small it's hardly noticeable..

Because of the Bug.. where if one effect causes a crit, all the rest of the effects associated with the original effect Crits..

This effected Dispersal Pattern Beta. Which ment If just ONE of the mines from a Dispersal Pattern Crit. The entire pattern crit.

What that in turn did was turn Tricobalts into something that was not intended.

Now after the patch, the Tricobalt was not Nerfed as bad to where even the word Nerf doesn't fit. It was toned down, or tweeked. Because honestly they still do MASSIVE damage compared to other weapons. And can still Crit for silly damage as well. Just not quite as bad as before. But still enough. Trust me.

Don't want to trust or believe a word I'm saying? Fly a Tactical officer in a B'rel-Retrofit (or Fleet Retrofit) with the Enhanced Battle Cloak and flutter around Ker'rat with an All Torp + Tric Mine build. See for your self.
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