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01-18-2013, 11:45 PM
I test flew my Chimera tricobalt minelayer w/ DPB 3; it is still ok but it was not what it "customized" to be. It can still contribute to the STF runs but not satisfying. The reason that I used a minelayer ship was because I didn't want to use cannons. I am going back to ground battle after one month of absence. I will join you in space occasionally with my other ship; a defiant with antiproton dhcs.
-- Vice Admiral's log, stardate 57134.2
... I began to panic and asked my human companion of the meaning of toon. He replied that it was something that was not real. I protested to him that I was walking and running and killing. What did he mean that I was not real? He replied that everyone knew the universe was a computer simulation. Occasionally, he had to accompany another toon too.