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01-19-2013, 12:00 AM
Rank: Vice Admiral - Currently Acting Captain

Born: Earthdate March 23, 2358

Place: Shikahr, Vulcan

Education: PhD Neural Regeneration from Shikahr Academy 2381

Vulcan Service Record: Served as Subcommander on retofitted D'Kyr class Aegir under Captain Suluk 2381-2396

Starfleet Service Record: Accepted into Starfleet 2396

Served as Chief Medical Officer aboard U.S.S. Hannover 2397 - 2407

Captain of U.S.S. Galicia 2407 - 2409. Participated in several key engagements with the Borg and Udine.

Current Assignment: Captain of U.S.S. Aeon, 2409 - present. Engaged in settlement operations on Mol'Rihan.