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01-19-2013, 12:34 AM
Originally Posted by sudoku7 View Post
Following up, as I'm approaching Tier 5 [yay], I'm curious about weapon loadout for PvE.

With being pretty much a beam boat currently, would it be worth it to take the Romulan Torpedo for completing the 3pc set and making it rain plasma death?
I say yes. The advanced Plasma ray serves as an additional APB (with lengthy cd), which is obviously good on a carrier. I've gone all Romulan Plasma on mine, which is quite good in PvE.

Just one warning: the combination of Elite Scorps and Hyper Plasma tends to accidentally blow Generators unless you switch targets really early.

By the way, I think you can get away with running fewer defensive abilities. I'm running an engineer in a Recluse myself and tank tac cubes fine enough with a Tac in the Commander slot.