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it depends on if they screw with us and give us non fleet ship level ships or not. the new kdf ship is certainly the missing link between the vorcha and ktinga. ktinga was around in the 2270s, the vorcha proboly a product of the 2350s, and the negvar 2370 or so. the Kamarag is proboly from about 2320 or 2330. so for it and the ambassador, its conceivable that they are about at the end of their shelf life, and by around 2409 would get their final overhaul. something like the excelsior, which was rotten on the vines in the 2370, just no excuse what so ever being in this game. the ktinga i could see being used for very limited roles, and a tier 1 ship, but nothing beyond that. the connie, god no, they havent built ships that size in that shape for 100 years.
The K't'inga entered service in the early 2270s.
The Vor'cha entered service in the mid-to-late 2360s.
The Negh'var entered service in the early 2370s.

Their little spiel on the Kamarag has it in service during the mid-24th century.

The Ambassador supposedly entered service around 2325, with the events of "Yesterday's Enterprise" taking place in 2344 (as far as the Ambassador side of things). They were still in service in 2367/2368 for the Klingon Civil War and were also even around in 2374 in a DS9 episode.

The K't'inga was still a frontline ship even during the Dominion War in the early 2370s. The Vor'cha and the Negh'var were still just starting out, so to speak...the K't'inga saw a lot of upgrades over that century - from flying against Connies, Excelsiors, etc, etc, etc.

To an extent, that's kind of what it feels like they may be trying to do with the Kamarag. They picked a name from a guy that was an Ambassador - they went with a period of time after which he would have been dead...and it's possible that the Kamarag was in service around the same time: 2325-late2350s? Not a very long time, eh? Maybe the Kamarag came before the Ambassador by a brief period...

...with both the Kamarag and Ambassador being replaced by the Vor'cha and Galaxy respectively because of jumps in technology/changing needs.

As each new "flagship" was introduced, the previous "flagship" became a more common ship, and the previous previous became more of a workhorse, etc, etc, etc.

On the Fed side, the Odyssey's the new flagship. So the Sovereign would become the more common ship and the Galaxy would become the workhorse. What's the Ambassador? Course, the same (only worse) could be said of the

On the KDF side, the Bortas is the new flagship. The Negh'var becoming the more common ship and the Vor'cha the workhorse? (Heh, okay - not in STO). Here though, it would be the case of asking what does that mean the K't'inga is...? But, they're introducing a ship after the K't' bam, what's happening to the Kamarag and the K't'inga?

In a sense, it's dropping the K't'inga down to the Excelsior level. Well, given they added the Fleet Excelsior... yeah, the Kamarag and Ambassador as Fleet ships makes sense (in STO fashion).

Many of the vessels we see in the game, would have long ago been relegated to pseudo planetary defense - basically figurehead ships - showing a presence, so to speak. The Connie Refits...Enterprise-A...along with Mirandas and the rest...even there, it would be difficult to justify the expense of keeping them running in such a manner when they would have been replaced by newer Escorts that run with a lower TCO.

Hrmm, this seems to have stepped over way to the left of the discussion stats though... looking at your versions vs. the Fleet Galaxy and Fleet Tor'Kaht - yeah, in that regard - can see them being along those lines.
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