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01-19-2013, 01:23 AM
Originally Posted by age03 View Post
I wouldn't of used anti proton as wellas any beam weapon.You don't have any torps which the BoP is know for.Beamoverload is not needed as you should have yield torpedo instead.

I would respec if I were you in projectile weapons not just energy as the cloak is useless.

This my Fed Tac spec build although I have changed my Boff skills around since then.
Actually what you are talking about is a B'rel Torpedo/Mine boat, using the Enhanced Battle Cloak to it's fullest advantage, laying down mines and firing torps with relatively impunity until a Sci Officer catches wind and blows his ass up

What Bespin is doing is the classic BOP Alpha Striker, decloak, destroy the target, and GTFO until he can recloak and go back on the hunt.

That build requires Dual Beam Banks, Dual Heavy Cannons, and/or Torpedoes is some combination.