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Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
Reuse of existing planet materials is usually due to schedule and time limitations. We could spend a bunch of time painting brand new textures for a planet you only see briefly, or we could spend that time dressing up the ground map, or adding cooler landmarks/more detail.
I know everyone's going to say that's a cop out, but I assure you that's what it comes down to.

I wouldn't expect a full overhaul. Perhaps we can try to plan to paint new planet textures for future work, or for key planets.

As for resolution, most of our planets are using texture maps that are the maximum size we can use already. There is not much more to be done about that. Even when you apply a 2048x2048 texture to a sphere, if you blow that sphere up to thousands of kilometers across, that texture is going to break down some.
Thanks for hopping in tacofangs

Resolution is not the primary concern. As I said, the major immersion-killer are Coruscant-like planets which are supposed to represent a scarcely populated world. That should be an issue that could be fixed relatively easily by simply picking "random_planet_texture_01_m-class_no_lights.png" instead of "random_planet_texture_02_m-class_multiple_lights.png"
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