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01-19-2013, 02:51 AM
Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
You do realize that would make the Odyssey have Turn Rate 11.

Its fine as it is, its the Aquarius that have problems starting with its strange lower that a BoP shield modifier, I would perhaps propose hat the Aquarius would get +10 to all subsystems to compensate but really, turn rate 17 is still low.


Fixing the ship is not "lets give it a Cloak" ... you want a BoP, go join the KDF.

Sorry I meant Engines not turn rate. It is now fixed

The Aquarius is not "Fine as it is" Its stats are lower than in alot of places and if it has a decent stat it is the same as another ship that offers much more. Take fleet defiant vs fleet aquarius, defiant has cloak,more hull, more shield, same turn, 5 tact consoles, 3 aft weapons just to start, the Aquarius offers no advantage but a better inertia by 10 and universal boffs. The kicker is that the defiant is "lower rank" ship in the shipyard while the aquarius requires military rank of 4.

Then we take it against the hoh'sus that beats or ties it in every category except hull.

Anyone that looks at the aquarius says "it has potential but why do the stats suck so much".

As for the cloak i agree it doesn't need it, but ask for more than you can get. If you ask exactly what you need you will get half of what you need. Ask for a respectable amount of want, you will get what you need. If there is no cloak a .92 or .95 shield modifier would be nice.