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01-19-2013, 03:38 AM
Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
I got back in my Hoh'sus today with my tac and put together a new build, its doing great for pvp.
It crits all the time, especially if you hit them while tractor beamed before they break out of it, the BO3 and THY2 quantums have led to many near instant kills. Its not really optimized for pve, but the devestating alpha strike power lets it solo cubes on elite pretty fast. This build needs accurate trait and max targting systems, without that, weapons with 1 or 2 acc mods and the rest crit mods might work better.

Fore- 2x Disruptor DHC, 1x Disruptor DBB, 1x Quantum torp. (all weapons CrtHx3)
Aft- 2x Disruptor turrets

Deflector- Omega
Engines- Honor Guard
Shield- Honor Guard

Eng - 1x assimilated module, 2x neutronium
Sci- 1 tachykinetic converter, 1 zero point energy conduit, 1 field generator
tac- 4x disruptor console

Cmdr tac- TT1, CRF1, BO3, APO3
Lt tac- TT1, THY2

Lt Cmdr sci - TB1, TSS2, HE3

Lt eng- EPTS1, EPTS2
If you use TB, you don't need the acc. Def goes to zero in a TB, so you're going to hit and likely crit. If you don't use TB, acc x3 will get you around 75% hits with BO3.

You really don't even need the cannons. I reccomend you don't even fire them until the moment you trigger the BO3. People see cannon fire they tend to react if they are able. By the time they see BO3, they're dead.

Go 3 pc KHG, as you don't need the acc from Omega deflector. You really will like the 3 piece set bonus.

Happy flying!!!
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