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01-19-2013, 04:55 AM
For me the trick with the tric is gone. I have the B'Rel with enhanced battle cloak and I blew up Borg Cubes in that Klingon, defend the Empire, mission. With one run, mines placed well just right under the cube, it went boom. That was the case with 5 out of 6. Now it happens just 1 out of 6. Also, since the Cubes seems to be on alert after the first hit (good AI) you need 2 or 3 runs, with a one minute cooldown. That is no longer effective.

My set up was Tricobalt mines , blue, mk XI, pattern B2, on normal level. Just a set up out of the box. Like I said, with the long cooldown, there is just no fun in waiting it out to make your second or third run.

A second mine unit might a solution, but the Cube will often fire a heavy plasma after you, so I like to have a torpedo launcher in the aft.

It looks to me that the real nerf (in my scenario), is in the fact that the cube can see them sooner, before they are activated. They are sometime all shot down and in most cases one or two, which is enough to survive.

However I found out that plasma mines do remarkable well. The DoT seems to tick pretty well. I can get cubes out with two runs. The advantage is that you can keep going, there is hardly any down time because of cooldowns.

Another thing. Blowing those Cubes up with trics was awsome fun and very profitable. They dropped mostly two items, often a green MK X or XI sometimes a blue. That is gone to. After the patch I did several missions (KDF, defend the empire - Borg invasion), there are hardly any drops. Is this intended?