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01-19-2013, 05:28 AM
Again: I simply wanted to point out to totally inappropriate planet textures (VAST city lights representing a tiny colony etc.). That would be an issue which could be improved so easily thereby getting rid of a major immersion-killer.

... As for procedural planets: I wonder if Cryptic has ever heard of this technique. Most likely the good ol' Game Engine is not able to handle it.

Talking 'bout procedural engines: THIS is a wayyyy better video showcasing its power.

BUT: Let's stick with the matter at hand. It's highly unlikely we will see procedural content in STO. So take it one step at a time --> Please Cryptic, shortly check that no planet supposed to have nothing more than an "outpost" or a small colony has vast city lights spanning whole continents.

Some examples of such incorrectly textured planets in STO:

* H'atoria: 3.2 million inhabitants --> The WHOLE planet is covered with city lights and looks like Coruscant.
* Narendra III: 47,000 inhabitants --> Half the planet is covered in city lights.
* Bhea: Although it's mentioned that the planet's terraformation was rejected, it is still covered with gigantic cities.
* Una: 256,000 colonists --> continent-wide cities...
* Reimers: 670,000 colonists --> A good third of the planet is covered by city lights.
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