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01-19-2013, 05:45 AM
I regularly PvP and PvE and can vouch that tricobalt hasn't been nerfed enough.

How can you tell that something is OP? Replace one type of the same thing with another. Remove tricobalt and replace it with chroniton, or transphasics, plasma, quantum, or photon of the same mark and modifiers. How much of a performance difference do you see? Replace a DHC/beam/turret of one energy type and replace with another energy type. How much of a difference do you see? That is right, tricobalts are still wayyyyy more OP than they should be. I would know, because I still regularly use them in ESTFs.

Beside, 2x mines equipped brings your overall cooldown to 30 sec, which is the same as DBP cooldown. There is absolutely no room to cry about long cooldown.