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01-19-2013, 05:48 AM
Most notable example I can think of, is not exactly a show, but a character: Captain Jack Harkness...

When first introduced in Doctor Who, Jack was portrayed as being omnisexual, and flirting with everything, and anyone, regardless of species or gender.

In an interview, John Barrowman was questioned about similarities between himself and Jack, and he replied that while there was much of him in Jack, and much of Jack in him, "I'm gay, he's not..."

Despite Barrowman's clear statement that Jack was not gay, as Torchwood progressed as a series, Jack was written in such a way that only male relationships were mentioned (other than his obsession with Gwen Cooper) and by the time the series Miracle Day was released, he was being written as full on gay, cruising gay bars, and making unnecessary homosexual references between himself and Rex Matheson. While I don't have issue with homosexual characters (Lieutenant Hawk was gay, and IMHO his presence is one of the most awesome things about First Contact) I don't like how Jack's sexuality was unnecessarily retconned/shifted, and I think that needlessly changed an incredibly popular character...

PS I carry John Barrowman's autobiography with me everywhere in the hopes of running into him and being able to get his autograph