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One with the Borg set

Adapted Borg Exo-plating Mk XII
+64 Kinetic Damage Resistance
+64 Physical Damage Resistance
+64 All Energy Damage Resistance
+5% Critical chance
When receiving All Damage an Health is below 70%, 15% chance of applying Emergency Regenerative Protocols
+216.3 Hit Points over 8 seconds

Adapted Borg Personal Shield Mk XII
+29 Root Resistance
+29 Knockback Resistance
309 Maximum Shield Capacity
Fully Regenerates after not taking damage for 3 seconds
When receiving All Energy Damage, 5% chance of applying Borg Frequency Adaptation
Shields adapt to respective Energy damage type for 10 seconds, can be overcome by remodulation

Borg Prosthetic Arm Weaponry Mk XII

(Works with any current available arm prosthetics)

Set Bonuses:

Set of 2: Biosignature Integration
When recieving all Damage, 10% chance to Placate Enemies for 4 seconds
*Duration for Borg NPCs is doubled
*Duration for Players is halved
+2.5 All Damage Resistance

> Aesthetic: Borg Prosthetic Arm Weaponry is integrated into the player's arm
> Aesthetic: User develops Borg facial implants

Set of 3:

Assimilation Nanoprobes
Targets Nonborg Enemies at Close Range
1.5 second activation
3 min recharge
When enemy is at 51-100% HP, 25% chance of Assimilation
When enemy is at 26-50% HP, 50% chance of Assimilation
When enemy is at 25% HP or less, 100% chance of Assimilation

Okay, so not the most balanced set out there, but it'd definitely be fun, eh?

We are One
50% chance of removing "Assimilation Nanites" debuff when exposed in ground combat
Shield Adaptation Duration increased by 5 seconds
(Set bonus only available on Liberated Borg Species)
More anything?
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