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I doubt you will see anything like this in truth. i think it would enrage fans if a show they have loved turns into something else. it would be fascinating to see a comedy show become a horror show but it would most likely be a television disaster and seen as a gimmick for ratings from a show that has no centre.

why do shows like CSI do so well even though its basically the same thing for hundreds of episodes? people like consistency and reliability.

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Closest show I can thin of at the moment that did this was LOST.

They tried to maintain a facade of reality as a drama show with some mysterious **** happening, but once time travel got involved that went out the window and then they introduced mystical elements even later on.
I agree this is one of the few, and probably most noticeable attempts but even so it knows what it is from the start and slowly drags you in rather than a 180 turn.

Lost started as a show about survivors and how they were coping and what their lives were like before. it was very personal, lot of character interactions etc with just the tiniest hints of mystery.

then before you know it there are smoke monsters, doomsday clocks and time travel. it really introduced a lot of people into sci-fi without them realising it. i bet if they had gone the whole way from day 1, less people would have watched.

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