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01-19-2013, 07:00 AM
Originally Posted by derbeelzebot View Post
I say yes. The advanced Plasma ray serves as an additional APB (with lengthy cd), which is obviously good on a carrier. I've gone all Romulan Plasma on mine, which is quite good in PvE.

Just one warning: the combination of Elite Scorps and Hyper Plasma tends to accidentally blow Generators unless you switch targets really early.

By the way, I think you can get away with running fewer defensive abilities. I'm running an engineer in a Recluse myself and tank tac cubes fine enough with a Tac in the Commander slot.
Thank you [and to everyone else who offered advice ].

Ya, I've been toying with swapping the Universal over to Tac. I need to do a few ESTF runs to see how I like it, and well, what Space Abilities I want to use with them.

BFAW definitely, since it's one of the big things I miss when only have 1 ensign tact. The rest I don't really know. APB is good. I can probably get away with HYT with the Romulan Torp, or just use a bunch of attack patterns. Right now, I'm testing the water with BFAW1, APD1, APB2, and APO2. Mostly as I don't want to commit too much resource/time effort to pursue. And well, being lazy. Mostly just trying to see if the reduced engineering is a big deal to me. I still need to get 2 purple DCEs, but using 2 blue right now, works well enough. Miracle Worker gets to be used, which I suppose is a good thing .

With Generators, hehe, well, my fleet does it probably a bad way, but we actually intentionally take out one generator at a time and melt away the nanite spheres before they get close enough. So not a particular issue for me, but something to be aware of when I PUG.