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Not a very long time, eh? Maybe the Kamarag came before the Ambassador by a brief period...
It says only a few prototype ships were made.

Its possible the Kamarag was going to enter service and with the Khitomer Massacre the KDF suddenly was in a war with the Romulans that required a different ship, the K't'inga service might been extended because it was a more suitable ship that the Kamarag were it ever really entering full production.

Its possible the Kamarag was for a similar mission as the Nebula class, surveillance over the Romulan border as Romulan incursions dated at least 2 years before the Khitomer Massacre, its also possible that the Kamarag was designed even Romulan started to attack along the border and the ship was intended as a exploration cruiser and was no longer of much use due to the war with the Romulans that required a different type of ship.

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