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Originally Posted by salty8967 View Post
The Aquarius is not "Fine as it is"
I never said the Aquarius is fine as it is, I said the Odyssey is fine as it is, not being buffed because you have a Aquarius console equipped and I will also extend that to the Bortas, even if the Bortas turn rate is a bit ... disapointing.

If there is no cloak a .92 or .95 shield modifier would be nice.
For the record I find the Aquarius shield modifier a rather strange decision, I would not say a .92 or .95 since the Fleet escorts are at 0.9 (except the Fleet AE that is at 0.99 but it have turn rate 15 and lacks Eng seats, it certainly needs it and I would even say the M/VAE and AE could use the same buff or the only thing those Science seats will be used is for self-healing) and the ship certainly have problems, as it stands its a poor version of a BoP as it lacks all the BoP strengths but at the same time you cannot turn it into a poor version of the Defiant, if they want to fix it they need to give it at least turn rate 19 if they want to be something else that a Defiant because its either a fast moving more armored BoP without battlecloak or its a Defiant.

Originally Posted by ebeneezergoode View Post
... much like the Galaxy R.
Well the Galaxy R have about one advantage that is being able to became a turn rate 16 light cruiser losing 15% hull (that is base 34k hull) and 5% shields (I think that means a 0.95 modifier) with +15 to weapons but losing the other bonus powers to subsystems and with higher impulse.

It does lose out because its still a Galaxy with a Lt Tactical and no ability to mount Duals, you cannot really do much with that but still something.

The Odyssey's Chevron Separation is statistical worst that Saucer Separation because its just turn rate 13 and you get -10 power to Shields and Aux only gaining +10 to Weapons with the rest being about the same but we have to consider the Odyssey itself and a Tactical Odyssey gets +10 to weapons, +5 to shields and +5 to aux meaning even if you do get -5 to Shields and -5 to Aux on top of the -5% to Shield HP you do get +20 to weapons thats more the Galaxy-R gets but then comes what really separates the two ships and makes the Odyssey in Separation viable, Lt. Cmdr Universal Station, also the Odyssey comes with a 1.15 shield modifier so the -5% Shields HP is still making higher that the simple 1 Galaxy-R shield modifier.

As a Tanking Cruiser the Galaxy is unmatched at Fleet level with the Bortas coming close to hull strength but still losing at shield modifier.

Is the Galaxy the worst cruiser in the game? yes because its gimmick console does not really help it as much as it does the Odyssey (really, Cryptic should just integrate the thing on the hull on all the Galaxy ships) as it lacks a tactical options to be of use but the Aquarius is far, far, far worst that the Galaxy since at least on paper looking at just the stats the Galaxy makes sense, it might not work in practice but the Aquarius does not even make sense on paper.

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