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Originally Posted by thissler View Post
If you use TB, you don't need the acc. Def goes to zero in a TB, so you're going to hit and likely crit. If you don't use TB, acc x3 will get you around 75% hits with BO3.

You really don't even need the cannons. I reccomend you don't even fire them until the moment you trigger the BO3. People see cannon fire they tend to react if they are able. By the time they see BO3, they're dead.

Go 3 pc KHG, as you don't need the acc from Omega deflector. You really will like the 3 piece set bonus.

Happy flying!!!
I have noticed many times the BO and HY kill the targets before I even need to fire cannons. Sometimes when after killing a first target, I can use the cannons to attack and help bring down a second target instead of immediatley recloaking, so I am firing at targets sometimes that arent tractored. I notice I can still get enough hits to do decent damage on targets without any acc mods sometimes.

I use the 3pc set sometimes, I like the def bonus and being able to hide while capping for a little while so I may try that again, thanks.

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