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# 1 Vesta/Rademaker/Aventine Model
01-19-2013, 08:26 AM
I don't know where to post this, so i decided to start a new thread, in the hope some friendly dev would please take a look at it.

I have bought the Vesta package and i really love this ship.
I must say that i never liked the look of Vesta class, to be honest i find it very ugly.
But i have to compliment the designer who made the Aventine and the Rademaker ship models.

The only thing that bothers me is that the rademaker Engineering hull has this absolutely ugly bright forcefield on the rear. I really hate that.
Normally i use to use the Aventine hull, but it looks somehow too fat to me, maybe it's just the paintjobs (which look almost all the same at the bottom of the aventine hull.). So i experiemented a bit and i found out that the rademaker hull looks awesome, except the rear which is covered up with a BRIGHT BLUE forcefield. I know the designer maybe thought it looks cool, but it is really annoying, the more you look at it.

Just as the rear of the Vestas Engineering hull it disrupts the elegant shapes of those ships quite harsh. This is really a shame since especially the Rademaker hull looks awesome, but this absolutely hideous bright blue glowing surface (which is permanently in your sight) ruins this really beautiful ship model.
So my question is, could it be made possible to give some some way to remove this surface and replace it with a normal ship surface?
I know that ship needs a place to launch it's shuttles but seriously, this bright glow drives me nuts.
I would be happy even if we could get just some way to make the runway (?) look just like the rest of the ship, instead of iluminating like that. Don't get me wrong i am not against that forcefield, but the surface beneath it is just too bright!

I seriously ask for some way that lets us reduce this, because i think the rademaker hull looks awesome if it hadn't this ugly thing on it.
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