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01-19-2013, 08:54 AM
Originally Posted by hawks3052 View Post
The devs had to show up anything for KDF to avoid the next large outrcry if the Ambassador would be the only 3rd annivesary gift. The Bortas was the last bad joke done to the KDF.

Seeing that the ship is only a kitbash of a K'Tinga and a Vor'Cha shows how idealess and non creative Cryptic is when it comes to KDF. So I expect medicore to low quality improvements to the KDF if even any in Season 8.
Largely this, though not completely. We knew the KDF was getting an "Ambassador" equivalent in the 3rd anniversary. This isn't anything new and is more Agnostic then it is a step in the right direction as far as the KDF is concerned.

Still I will give Cryptic its due. Unlike, the above user, I think some though was given in the design. The Kamarag is a transitional ship from the D-7 (K't'inga) to the Vor'cha. It shows this, but then the same can be said for the Ambassador and the Excelsior and Galaxy classes.

Still, before I sing the praises of Cryptic, I am going to need more. I said it in another thread, but I am on a "Pics or it didn't (or isn't going to, I guess) happen". If Cryptic wants to show they are finally going to give the KDF the love and attention it is long over due, they need to show us and actively deliver evidence that it IS going to happen. Not more promises and "We are dedicated to making it happen".