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01-19-2013, 08:55 AM
A lot of the debate is centralized the past ships which are ok and are there for a nostalga point of view which is fine. However its the Timeships that bother me, it just seems like Cryptic are focused less on story and more on whatever content they can cram into the game, including ships that do not belong in the current timeline.

The problem is, when is this going to stop. When is Cryptic going to turn around and say, thats enough ships... lets put OTHER aspects into the game as well and focus on creating our own envisionment of Starfleet in the 25th Century and NOT rip-off past episodes and ships that we should not be seeing for the next 400-500 years.

It completely devalues the whole game and makes it look like a flimsy fan-fiction rather then a commercial product?

Btw, f2pdrakron thats called a design linage, usually ship-builders do not stray from designs that are proven in battle, that is why a lot of ships in Star Wars are very similar in design, just in resource or scope to show the economical and cultural attitudes at the time.

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