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01-19-2013, 09:05 AM
Originally Posted by tcostik View Post
I know they aren't, but why do feds need more carriers? So far all you've done is compare our ships to Klinks. I haven't heard any real arguments. IMO, the Feds have plenty of carriers to choose from. AFAIK, they didn't show any real carriers in canon, so why should Cryptic add in cruiser/carrier refits?
If you haven't heard any arguments just... reread my posts, I guess. I'll summarize for you.

- Cryptics been leaning towards normalizing content between the two factions anyway.
- The Vanguard was originally designed as a flight deck cruiser.
- If you think there was no carrier action going on in canon, DS9's got news for you.
- Cruisers do not play the same as other classes of vessel; the purpose of a flight deck cruiser in an end game environment is to pump up a cruiser's dps capabilities. Why I said pref with a ltcmd tac is so they can double up on attack pattern beta and actually become a viable DPSing force for a change.
- Saying we dont need a flight deck cruiser because we have other carriers is just... wrong. Those other carriers are science and tactical based. The Feds dont have a single engineering carrier right now whereas the KDF has several.

The critical difference between the arguement for a Fed one and a Klink heavy escort carrier is that the KDF doesn't need escort versions to fill the DPS role because of the frigate selection for Vo'Quvs and Kar'fi's guarenteeing them to completely stomp all of the Fed ships DPS wise. So let the Feds excell in playing support carriers and give them a proper engineering flight deck cruiser.

Cause as of right now, KDF players are complaining about Feds getting carriers when KDF carriers are still straight up better, except for the Armitage.

If you compare the ships that actually excel, you still have faction difference, Kar'fi and Vo'Quv vs Armitage and Vesta.