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01-19-2013, 10:09 AM
TOR doesn't have ships from the 29th Century with a design so different that its impossible to even believe that Starfleet could have even thought of that before then. The Relativity was the only example and both Seven and Janeway did not see anything about that ship to know its specifications.

If you remember, there is something called the "Temporal Integrity Commission" who correct major disruptions to the Timeline and would probably not approve of 25th Century Admirals using 29th Century Starships. Since Braxton went back in time to remove Voyager over 20th Century Earth. They would happily interfere in the 25th Century to correct that problem.

I just love how Cryptic assumes that because the Tholians had access to the USS Defiant in the Mirror Universe. That makes them somehow "Master of Time-Travel" or "Timelords".

Like I said before, the NX and Connie really do not bother me at all.

So yeah... the timeships are all bull and when this game really lost touch with itself.

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