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Originally Posted by skyecolyo View Post

- Cryptics been leaning towards normalizing content between the two factions anyway.
- The Vanguard was originally designed as a flight deck cruiser.
- If you think there was no carrier action going on in canon, DS9's got news for you.
- Cruisers do not play the same as other classes of vessel; the purpose of a flight deck cruiser in an end game environment is to pump up a cruiser's dps capabilities. Why I said pref with a ltcmd tac is so they can double up on attack pattern beta and actually become a viable DPSing force for a change.
- Saying we dont need a flight deck cruiser because we have other carriers is just... wrong. Those other carriers are science and tactical based. The Feds dont have a single engineering carrier right now whereas the KDF has several.
1. I can't argue with you on that. They've definitely be going that way, even more so with the cross faction consoles.

2. Source? I certainly don't remember any flight deck ships in Armada 2. Fleet Ops had one, the Avalon, but it's not a Star Cruiser refit. It's just an Avalon class. At least, looking at the FO page on it, I can't see any reference to class.

3. My bad. It's been a long time since I've seen DS9, and even back then, I wasn't really in to it. What carriers did they show?

4. Cruisers lacking DPS is an argument a lot of cruiser captains make all the time on the forums. The issue is, cruisers are NOT meant, nor supposed to be DPS machines. The role they excel in is support. Unfortunately, a lot of people play them, and expect to be able to put out the same DPS as an escort. It's not what they're built for. If you want DPS on the scale of a escort, fly an escort. Can't fault the ship if you're not putting it in the role it's supposed to be put in.

5 . How is it wrong? It's a valid opinion. If you start giving everything to every class, pretty soon every ship will be the same as every other ship. I don't want that to happen. Also, if you really want a cmd slot in a carrier, pick up a Recluse. I can put an engineer in the universal commander slot, and with that, it becomes one hell of a tanking carrier.