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It still strikes me as being hypocritical for people to hate on Ent for not being more than it was. It was fine for TOS to do hokey, stupid plots(half of them), but not Ent?

I feel that part of the issue that Ent had was that fans expected too much. Sure it had flaws of it's own, but I feel that it was a worthy addition to the universe.
I am many things, and a hypocrite isn't one of them. I'll be the first to say that TOS had hokey stupid plots, all the Star Treks have. And it's not like hokey episodes are bad, The Gamsters of Triskelion is a dumb, dumb, dumb episode and I love every minute of it.

No. The issue I have with ENT is that the stupid hokey plots are the same stupid hokey plots.
It's just more of the same stuff. And with all the budget, CGI, makeup technologies and everything else they had, they gave us more of the same.

I mean, after the godforsaken Xindi arc they decided to give us another bleeding time travel plot!!!! Why would you do that???

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A reason why space Nazis were okay in TOS is that most of the crew and audience has some experience fighting real Nazis. By the time Ent rolled around, Nazis had become a lazy generic badguy.
Didn't I say this already? But yes. This is a big part of it.

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Two Words: Scott Bakula

Archer was supposed to be a large gruff comic book type character that Kirk looked up to.

Not a whiny little Btch that looked like he didn't have enough bran in his diet every episode.

Virtually anyone would have been a better choice.
If they wanted to make Archer cooler they should have given him a wife.


Archer always struck me as someone who should have been more like Sisko or Chief O'Brien. Someone who loves his family, and treats his friends and crew like one too, but takes no crap. Instead, we got someone more like.... Janeway....