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Originally Posted by warbird1988 View Post
Btw, f2pdrakron thats called a design linage.
No its not.

The Star Destroyer was a departure of the traditional Republic lines, I can be fair and say Lucas was as guilt as that in the prequels but take this as a example.

The Galatic Empire never changed the Republic insignia (as you can see it on Phantom), yet look at the Sith Empire in Bioware games.

Its the same, funny isnt ...

BioWare simply taken the coward way out, there is really any evolution or anything different because they are basing all their designs in existing designs and even doing it wrong, in KotOR we had the Republic clearly using Rebel Alliance style armor with the Sith using Stormstrooper style armor and this come down to the point we had Republic=Rebel Alliance/Sith=Galactic Empire in terms of aesthetics despite making no sense as the Sith were former Republic and Jedi forces and so such a design shift is more that odd and if you try to rationalize it even further it becomes a even bigger mess because you cannot use the Star Forge without retcon the Sith to hilarity.

Were that connects to TOR? because the TOR Emperor was descendent of the Sith, the Hyperspace War Sith and so that design lineage makes no sense bit THAT is not how a Sith ship looked like, in fact the Sith Empire had NO Emperors, they had a council with the leader being "Dark Lord of the Sith", if you cannot see how BioWare was so coward in TOR is about everything then you are blind, nothing on that game stands as unique ... we all see it before, be it Clone Wars, WoW, Original Trilogy it simply breaks no new grounds, stands on its own in any aspect and its just regurgitating what we have seen.

And this is why I am no longer a Star Wars fan.

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