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01-19-2013, 09:27 AM
Unfortunatly, the same is true of Star Trek and Cryptic has done the same, rather then design their own ships, they have decided to bring in vessels that could have never existed during the 25th Century. Not to mention stealing armor from Mass Effect.

and.... SOMEBODY hasn't heard of the TEMPORAL PRIME DIRECTIVE if they think 29th Century Starfleet would interfere in that. Did they interfere in the Xindi Crisis created by the Sphere Builders... no,

Daniels just showed Archer the Battle of Procyon V without informing Starfleet during his timeline but he still did not offer any definitive assistance against the Sphere Builders. The same was true with the Alien Nazi's from the Episode "Storm Front" at the start of Enterprise's 4th Season.

The Temporal Integrity Commission will ONLY go as far to render assistance in some capacity, not provide ships and technology that would pollute the timeline further.

Although to be honest, its the best excuse for wiping the game and starting over, I've ever heard. XD

It would the be the same as England in the 29th Century sending nuclear weapons back in time to the American Independence War to England in that time period because they could see what would happen as a result of that.

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