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Originally Posted by tcostik View Post
1. I can't argue with you on that. They've definitely be going that way, even more so with the cross faction consoles.

2. Source? I certainly don't remember any flight deck ships in Armada 2. Fleet Ops had one, the Avalon, but it's not a Star Cruiser refit. It's just an Avalon class. At least, looking at the FO page on it, I can't see any reference to class.

3. My bad. It's been a long time since I've seen DS9, and even back then, I wasn't really in to it. What carriers did they show?

4. Cruisers lacking DPS is an argument a lot of cruiser captains make all the time on the forums. The issue is, cruisers are NOT meant, nor supposed to be DPS machines. The role they excel in is support. Unfortunately, a lot of people play them, and expect to be able to put out the same DPS as an escort. It's not what they're built for. If you want DPS on the scale of a escort, fly an escort. Can't fault the ship if you're not putting it in the role it's supposed to be put in.

5 . How is it wrong? It's a valid opinion. If you start giving everything to every class, pretty soon every ship will be the same as every other ship. I don't want that to happen. Also, if you really want a cmd slot in a carrier, pick up a Recluse. I can put an engineer in the universal commander slot, and with that, it becomes one hell of a tanking carrier.
Doh, my mistake on the Avalon. You're right. Looked it up and don't know why I remember a flight deck vanguard in that game so distinctly.

Galaxy class ships mostly acted as carriers in DS9. The Federation deployed a boat load (huehuae) of Peregrine fighters in its primary conflicts with them.

As for your 4th point, you assume that there is actually place for multiple roles in this game. There isn't. All of the instances are DPS races. Groups consisting of escorts and carriers will always outperform groups with cruisers and science ships, no matter how much shield damage the latter does. The Vesta in particular was a step towards outfitting science ships more lethally, but cruisers are still laying behind. I play threat control cruisers fed side; I recently specced out of it because there really is no purpose to it anymore. Just went double AP beta on my Reagent so at least I'm helping the real DPS ships do damage while having heals to throw around like extend shields, and honestly I'm both happier and more effective in this ship category now.

Point 5; you can hardly compare a stock or c-store ship to the Recluse. That's not exactly super readily available. And even if I did get one, I'd be using it for a tac slot which would be infinitely more effective. (Too bad the Recluse STILL doesn't outperform the Vo'Quv and its impossibly powerful BoPs.)

Either way, there won't be any other ships except technically the recluse that will compare to a federation flight deck cruiser on the Fed side. The only other ship that will play the same way is the Marauder on the KDF side, so I don't see your latter point. With the number of ships available at this point, it's all about picking one fine tuned to your playstyle, and the Federation doesn't have an engineering tuned carrier right now. Slap shield repair units on it and you're the best healer in the game not named Varanus fleet support vessels. Put fighters on it with double AP beta and you're a better DPS/Healer hybrid than any standard cruiser.

I suppose that's the main concern, at the moment. A flight deck cruiser on fed side would make the stock Sovereign and Vanguard completely irrelevant, even if you dropped an engineering console slot or downgraded a boff slot. But then again, there really is no use for those ships at the minute anyway ~.~