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01-19-2013, 09:49 AM
Originally Posted by hawks3052 View Post
The devs had to show up anything for KDF to avoid the next large outrcry if the Ambassador would be the only 3rd annivesary gift. The Bortas was the last bad joke done to the KDF.

Seeing that the ship is only a kitbash of a K'Tinga and a Vor'Cha shows how idealess and non creative Cryptic is when it comes to KDF. So I expect medicore to low quality improvements to the KDF if even any in Season 8.
Granted its not a level One starting point, Story content that draws the KDF fan or general player into how the KDF fits into the STO backstory, more costume options or even Fleet versions of our more popular ships that we could only buy for a single module but its something they did not have to do for us fans. Its not like our large outcries have ever been that effective in the past but Im unwilling to condemn the Devs just yet.
Now if the day arrives and the vessel is obviuosly just a token effort, then they reap what they sow. Until then I will hold my praise or damnation in check.
Its better to let the feds be the ungrateful players as we know they can be when something doesnt meet thier desires.
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