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01-19-2013, 09:53 AM
Originally Posted by tatyanasergei View Post
How so?

Seriously, I want to know- Where in my original post did I do anything but give a reasonable explanation of why we can have these ships, without the Temporal Investigations crew raining down on us, based on the in-game text for the ships? I hardly call that an overactive imagination- I call it not being a dogmatic person who discounts everything that doesn't fit his view of what Trek should or should not be.
Yes and I accept that Cryptic have tried to maintain that, I am just pointing out the purely-evident plot holes in this explanation that any intelligent Star Trek fan should be asking themselves when they are flying about with a ship that has not only the hull design but also the INTERNAL LCARS of the 29th Century.

What I call being observant, you call being dogmatic. Sorry you cannot tolerate questions being asked.