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Originally Posted by warbird1988 View Post
I never said that TOR was good or STO was bad, when they actually stick to concepts that are established and not go off on some wild tangent. Gameplay wise, this game is fun but the story recently is getting more then a little ridiculous.
You've been using TOR as the 'candlestick' to hold STO up against...

Your posted opinion's clearly indicate otherwise.

None of us can read your mind, and until this point, we could only go by what you've said.

And what you've said..., also clearly indicates that STO is very disappointing, while TOR appears to be OK.

Please..., tell us when we should be aware of your vasselating opinions, so we can keep up with the conversation.

Originally Posted by warbird1988 View Post
What I call being observant, you call being dogmatic. Sorry you cannot tolerate questions being asked
And again... Stop Insulting people to try to win yourself points...

It's childish.
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