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Originally Posted by warbird1988 View Post
If you remember, there is something called the "Temporal Integrity Commission" who correct major disruptions to the Timeline and would probably not approve of 25th Century Admirals using 29th Century Starships. Since Braxton went back in time to remove Voyager over 20th Century Earth. They would happily interfere in the 25th Century to correct that problem.

I just love how Cryptic assumes that because the Tholians had access to the USS Defiant in the Mirror Universe. That makes them somehow "Master of Time-Travel" or "Timelords".

Like I said before, the NX and Connie really do not bother me at all.

So yeah... the timeships are all bull and when this game really lost touch with itself.
The lockbox style ships are relitively rare, and because of it I can imagine roleplay angles that could explain them. The older style ships are not too hard to explain. Just beause the design is old, it does not mean the ship itself is old. They can keep the same hull design while still having newer technology in the ship. They were using TOS era ships all the way into DS9, Voyager, and the newer TNG movies. Anytime they show a full fleet of ships there is almost always at least a handful of the older style ships. The only hard to explain ships are the old style constitutions and the people who make TOS themed crews, but those are rare enough that you can probably pull a highly unlikely, but almost plausable RP excuse for it. The thing to keep in mind is these things are relitivly rare, and because of them being a bit rare you can make slightly stretched RP stories to explain them. The TOS crew that had an accident and was pulled into the future. The crew that was abmushed and thier ship destroyed, but not before they were able to escape the ship and steal a Tholian vessel a la Star Trek IV, etc.

As far as leaving the tech behind in the past, in Enterprise they left behind some serious tech for a good while on that ship. You may also want to consider causality loops too. Like First Contact and what happened a lot in Enterprise, the Federation was almost entirely caused by people from the future meddling in the past and telling the people in the past about it so events would happen causing the Federation to be formed. That is really the only thing I kind of hated in Enterprise, by telling Archer about the federation forming and showing him the Enterprise J etc, it kind of stole the greatness out of him working to lay the ground work for it. Sam thing in First Contact. Cochrane was just a greedy bastard until the Enterprise crew kind of twisted his arm into his role in paving humanity's new direction. Like what Trip said in one episode, if you could find out who you are going to marry, when you finally do met that person, are you marrying them because you want to, or are you just doing it because the guy from the future said you are going to?

Similiar things might be happening with the time ships. Something is coming that it going to wipe the floor with both the Federation and Klingons, and a couple ships "accidentally" left in the past might be what is needed to turn the tides.