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Originally Posted by warbird1988 View Post
I was just wondering if everybody was happy with the way that Cryptic are now taking vessels from other periods in history and converging them all into the 2409 storyline. I feel that this has not be discussed and for me, this effects the game credibility... using TOR as an example, I do not believe that Bioware itself would add the X-Wing or Tie-Fighter into the game because it would be detrimental to the timeline.

I want to know if Cryptic can defend this position of randomly going through episodes, looking at ships and just chucking them in for any other reason to make as much money as possible off fan service.

This is not a rage or flame against Cryptic. I just want to know the community opinion of such rampant disregard for Star Trek's history and how this effects the game's credibility as an actual game and not a bad fan-fiction that just happens to be endorsed by CBS? Would Gene be rolling in his grave that his message has been sacrificed by corporate suits?
You seem to forget something - STO IS a game and not some sort of 25th century SIMs simulation or something. There are Star Trek fans from many eras who just want to see the Trek they like represented (not everyone thinks Star trek is defined bu the TNG era - and WITHOUT TOS, the TNG era never would have been seen on screen.)
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