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01-19-2013, 10:49 AM
Originally Posted by hoenhiem1 View Post
I guess you didn't completely read my post, because I said in it that when I press the dock with ds9 button nothing happens. In fact, the only thing I can do is just sit and look at my f**king ship since nothing happens when I press any of the buttons except for the transwarp buttons. I explained in my original post what happens when I try to transwarp to another starbase. I've been reading other threads and it seems others are having similar where are the DEVs? I havn't been able to play in 5 days now. They could at least act like they give a crap about our problems and offer some useful suggestions.
Annnnnnd clearly you DIDN'T fully read my post. I said try docking with DS9 then logging out. I didn't say: Make sure you dock, wait for DS9 to load and then log.

I understand that you're frustrated, I would be too, but cussing and jumping on the person trying to help you is a quick way for us to ignore you. We don't work for PWE, ergo, I don't have to be nice or put up with BS from angry customer's.

So, either work with me, or don't, but don't sit there and be a jerk toward the person trying to help you.


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