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# 1 My Galor build
01-19-2013, 11:12 AM
It's a shield tank/beam boat

Front Weapons: 1x Disruptor DBB XII [acc]x3, 3x Spiral Wave Disruptor
Rear Weapons: 1x Borg Cutting Beam, 3x Spiral Wave Disruptor

Deflector :MACO XII
Engine : MACO XII
Shields: MACO XII
( May swap for the XII borg set when I get it)

Devices: Each of the 4 batteries

Eng: Neutronium XI , Monotanium XII, RCS XII, EPS regulator XII (may be switched for the Romulan Zero point when I get it)

Sci: Borg Assimilated, 2x Field Generator XI

Tac: 3x Disruptor Induction coil XII

XI consoles will be upgraded as EC allows.


Conn officer to reduce Tac Team cooldown
Conn officer to reduce Evasive Maneuvers cooldown
Warp Core engineer to boost power upon Emergency Power to- skills
2 Technicians to reduce BOFF skill cooldown times upon aux2bat

With 2 aux2bats and a EPW, I can keep my weapon power over 100 almost constantly, even using Fire at Will. Don't use torps, not going to. I prefer to use the skill points for defensive skills. I prefer to do a few things well rather than be mediocre at many.

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