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01-19-2013, 12:20 PM
Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
You can dismiss most of those examples as smoke and mirrors, but I highly doubt the same can be said of the Friday screenshot

A new design, even if it's just a kitbash of familar canon KDF ships... certainly looks and sounds like proof that they're working on a KDF element. That's certainly a rare step-up from what we usually get
Indeed. It's not like CS has a lot to go on, when it comes to KDF ship design.

I for one find it a very attractive, if it handles anything like the K'tinga (turn rate) and also has the weapons prowess of the Vor'cha (moar aft weapons) it will most certainly be a force to be reckoned with, as well as go in my shopping cart.

I'm definitely interested in learning more about the specs and when it might be made available, definitely interested in seeing what else is in store for the KDF.

That's one small step for a Klingon, one giant leap for the Empire.