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01-19-2013, 11:36 AM
Full swing genre shifts are a bad idea, though. When you hook an audience on one genre, you can't straight-up pull the rug out from under them. Nobody who watches a show about a glee club is going to be happy when suddenly they're fleeing from zombies. It's a bait-and-switch, and that's a low thing to do to your viewers for anything more than an episode or two.

At the absolute least, this sort of thing would have to be meticulously planned and written so that hints of what was going to happen were present in the show prior, so you don't build expectations for one thing and then stomp on them later. And it couldn't be a long-running series either; if you shift genres midway through seasons one and go for six seasons after, that first half of the series suddenly seems pointless; if you wanted to do a zombie show, why did you write a romantic comedy show for the first ten episodes?

EDIT: But since you asked what I'd like to see, I think it'd be funny if Game of Thrones turned into a giant robot anime parody. "Big Snow! Showtime!" *Jon Snow climbs into the pilot's seat of a vaguely steampunky all-black robot. The monitor flashes the engage code "Winter is Coming"*

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