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01-19-2013, 12:58 PM
Originally Posted by flash525 View Post
If that is untrue also, then why didn't Cryptic simply put the Tzenkethi into the KDF?

Because they were a passing reference that was never actual shown, this would mean doing something for basic for nothing only for fanwank that would erupt into fanrage the moment someone developed the Tzenkethi into something that was different that what Cryptic did.

We still have people complaining about the Andorians "4 genders".

Why create a brand new species?
Why indeed.

The KDF needs no more races because EVERYONE IS A KLINGON! Everyone regardless of race talks and acts like a Klingon ... Orion? A Honorable Klingon. Gorn? A Honorable Klingon.

We have Klingons wearing costumes and makeup, we DONT have Orions or Gorn or anything BUT Klingons.

So why even bother, I dont care because the moment I roll a non-klingon on the KDF I am a Klingon so I might as well just play one at least it will be consistent that way.

At least the Federation kinda have a excuse and in some cases (Vulcans) some support but thats it, its easier to swallow the fact everyone acts the same were the KDF melting pot is simply a sore spot because the entire faction ACTS Klingon regardless of their actual race.