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01-19-2013, 12:08 PM
I use a Dual Tetryon beam array along with a phased cannon in the front, and two turrets in the back. Even though you can have on turret in the back along with an aft beam. Torpedoes back and in front.

Cannons help take out the shielding more easier as I have seen with my fleet nova and its worked wonders while fighting borg. You just have to find the right abilities and stuff to help out on your ship. I would suggest to have a borg set. Cause in PVP you might not be able to take out shielding but you can stay alive longer. Tac team, reverse shield polarity, and transfer shield strength is one of the main abilities I use. Comes in handy when you're being pursued by an escort. And always have an ability or two that can take out a person weapons. You can be a good back up for your team mates. A.K.A a troll in the game.