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Doesn't look like there is a command you can bind to a key, however I did find this in the wiki under

Q: I don't like having to select my power setting with my mouse every time I need to change settings. How can I bind the in-game presets to keys.

A: I have all my presets for Weapons, Shields, Engines and Balanced bound to my F9, F10, F11 and F12 keys, respectively. The my bindfile I have:

Power Presets
F9 "StatsPreset_Load Preset_1"
F10 "StatsPreset_Load Preset_2"
F11 "StatsPreset_Load Preset_3"
F12 "StatsPreset_Load Preset_4"

There is a more indepth method, fairly complex and confusing method using slider commands to tweak the power setting to exactly where you want them. If anyone wants to know more send me a PM and I'll help you out.

Note: It is fine to group similar keybinds together and give them a Title. The system will ignore the Title, in this case Power Presets, and continue loading the binds.
I'm not sure what the command "statpreset_load" does, it has no comment listed when I press /cmdlist, and it doesn't say who exactly to PM. Where is the post keybinds for dummies? I think it used to be in this forum, isn't anymore.

Also, what is the command for Fire all beams, I found fire all phasers, maybe it's a type, your beam weapons aren't all necessarily phasers.